Welcome to Bor Hodošček's Academic Website

Language and Informatics Course, Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University

As an associate professor at Osaka University, my research interests include the application of natural language processing to online composition support systems and investigations into register variation in Japanese. I teach an introduction to natural language processing course for humanities students, as well as core undergraduate English courses.


  • 2017/12"A study on the extraction of relational pairs of 'orange', 'plum', and 'cherry' flowers in poetic Japanese" won the best poster prize at the IPSJ Computer and Humanities 2017 (Jinmonkom 2017) Conference. Links: [Tokyo Tech News] [Jinmonkom2017 (Japanese)]



Contact and Access


The easiest way to reach me is to send me an email at my first name (bor) + our graduate school's domain (lang.osaka-u.ac.jp).


My office is located in the Graduate School of Language and Culture Building A on the Toyonaka Campus of Osaka University, room 505.

Link to detailed PDF version of map (our building is #1 on the map).